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CARTA UCC Study Abroad Program

Cultural Communications in Thailand 

Program Description

Dates: May 15-29, 2018

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to earn up to 9 credits in summer A 2018 while visiting Thailand (three different regions Chiang Mai in north, Koh Samui island, and Bangkok) on a study abroad program. There is also an additional optional trip to Beijing China for 5 days.

You can find the itinerary HERE (all are photos we took last year during our visit) of the Thai program where you will see a detailed itinerary of the planned daily activities. You can also find the Beijing optional trip itinerary HERE.

Due to the amazing price of the Thailand program ($1575 for 2 1/2 weeks at deluxe hotels with breakfast and lunch included) space in the program is limited. The Beijing trip is an additional $550 for 5 days—see itinerary.

Courses & Credits
COM 3501 – Power of Language (3 credits)
COM 3410 – Cultural Patterns of Asia (3 credits)
COM 3404 – Nonverbal Communications (3 credits)

To confirm your seat or inquire about more information please email Professor Brown at



Communication + Media in Spain

Program Description

Dates: Summer A 2018

There is an increasing demand for professional communicators who possess the knowledge and experience to develop and implement an integrated communications program and multimedia storytelling content at the international level in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. During our study abroad program students will visit media companies in Madrid and Seville and they will learn to develop an integrated communications plan. Using public relations, advertising, design, journalism and electronic media skills, students will help create campaigns and multimedia content about local entities in Seville. Our courses will focus on the importance of multidisciplinary teams applying strategic communications principles and storytelling techniques to the specific needs of non-profit clients and small businesses for an American or European audience. We will emphasize differences and similarities between American and European media systems and strategic communication practices.

Location Description: Class instruction will begin in Miami and will continue in Seville. The first meeting point will be in Madrid. As a group, we will visit Cordoba and then we’ll travel to Seville, where class and living will take place.

Housing: Students will share rooms in modest apartments with kitchen and washing facilities in the centrally located Santa Cruz neighborhood. It is five minutes walking distance from the historic Seville City Hall, the Giralda, and the Seville Cathedral, which is the largest Catholic cathedral in the world after St. Peter’s in Rome. Classes are easily accessible by bus or a 15 minute walk.

Courses & Credits

MMC 4936 : Special Topics
MMC 4410:Integrated Strategic Communication Campaigns
MMC 4304: Multicultural Marketing Communications
MMC 4905: Independent Study
JOU 3300: Adv News Reporting

MMC 5932: Special Topics
MMC 6900: Independent Study

Contact Information:
David J. Park:

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Cultural Communication in Seville and Morocco

Program Description

Dates: May 27th-June 8th 2018

This program offers students the opportunity to visit Seville and Morocco and explore intercultural communication and non-verbal communication patterns and practices in multicultural cities with a rich past of cultural integration.

Cost: $2,331.94

Undergraduate Courses:
COM3404: Nonverbal Communication
COM3461: Intercultural Communication
COM4900: Independent Study in Communication Arts
COM4930: Special Topics in Communication Arts

Graduate Courses:
MMC 5932: Special Topics
MMC 6900: Independent Study

Contact: Professor Maria Marino— VH 212—305.348.1984—

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Communication in Japan

Program Description

Dates: Summer 2018: June 18-30

The Department of Communication Japan Study Abroad Program will expose students to the history, culture, and communication practices of one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. Students will engage in tours of Japanese businesses to learn how traditional western business communication practices differ from those in Japan.

Cost: $2,300

Courses & Credits
COM 3110 Business and Professional Communication
COM 3150 Advanced Communication for Business
COM 3410 Cultural Patterns of Asia (3 credits)
COM 4930 Special topics in Communication
MMC 4936 Special Topics

Contact Information:
Professor Alan Wilson—305.348.3373 –

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