Speak-Off 2017

Speak-Off 2017 Guidelines  


  • Voices of Change- How communication can bring about positive change. 
  • Can the use of communication contribute to social change and transformation?

Video Submission:


Film speech in the studio or drop off video at the Dept. or the CommArts Studio or submit via email to communicate@fiu.edu.
Speeches cannot exceed 6 minutes.

Department of Communication Speak-Off

Date: April 4 at 3:30pm

The Speak-Off has been a biannual event for decades. Designed to showcase the talents of public speaking students, the Communication Department Speak-Off competition gives students the opportunity to show off their rhetorical and oratorical skills and inspire others through the power of their words. Competitors are provided with a basic topic related to communication and tasked with creating their ideas into a compelling and powerful 4-6 minute speech. Finalists are then chosen from an array of submissions by the coaches at the Comm. Studio and Public Speaking faculty, who go on to deliver their prose to a large audience of their professors and peers at the Speak-Off.


Any student that have taken SPC 2608 or is currently enrolled can participate.