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Study Abroad Programs 

CARTA UCC Study Abroad Program

Cultural Connections of Morocco and Spain

Program Description

Dates: On Campus: May 7, 2019 and May 9, 2019, Abroad: May 30 – June 14, 2019

This program offers students the opportunity to visit Morocco and Spain to explore cultural connections between the two countries and cultures. Through the program students will engage with different people and communities in Morocco and Spain, including Moroccan and Spanish students, Jewish cultural centers, and Gypsy communities.

Courses and Credits: 
(3 Credits Each)
-COM 3461: Intercultural Communication (UCC and Global Learning Designation)
-COM 4462: Conflict Management
-COM 4900/ MMC 6900: Independent Study
-COM 4930/ MMC 5932: Special Topics in Communication

Cost: $2,583.70 (does not include airfare, additional meals, FIU course instructional fees (Undergraduate $205.57/credit,) the $175 non-refundable Study Abroad fee, and personal expenses.)

Questions? Contact Professor Nurhayat Bilge at

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Communication at Sea

Program Description

Dates: 4/27-5/13/2019

The Communication at Sea – Summer 2019- is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to study abroad while cruising across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Barcelona. Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in  communication  and Global Strategic Communications will learn to think in new ways about communication and branding strategies in the age of social media and digital technologies.

Courses and Credits
Students can choose one or two courses:

  • ADV 4323- Strategic Branding and Social Media ( 3 credits)
  • ADV 4411 – Multicultural Marketing (3 credits)
  • COM 4930 – Special Topics ( 3 credits each)
  • PUR 5406 – Multicultural Marketing (3 credits)
  • MMC 5932 -Special Topics – Graduate ( 3 credits)

Cost: $ 1,610 / student ( includes: housing, all meals on ship, hotel night stay in Barcelona).

Questions? Contact Professor Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S. at

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Communication and Media in Spain

Program Description

Dates: May 7-24, 2019

There is an increasing demand for professional communicators who possess the knowledge and experience to develop and implement an integrated communications program and multimedia storytelling content at the international level in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. During our study abroad program students will visit media companies in Madrid and Seville and they will learn to develop an integrated communications plan. Using public relations, advertising, design, journalism and electronic media skills, students will help create campaigns and multimedia content about local entities in Seville.

Courses and Credits:
Undergraduate (Students take 3-6 credits)

  • COM 3520: Designing Communication Strategies (3 credits)
  • MMC 4304: Multicultural Marketing Communications (3 credits)
  • MMC 4410: Integrated Strategic Communication Campaigns (3 credits)
  • MMC 4905: Independent Study (3 credits)
  • MMC 4936: Special Topics (3 credits)
  • JOU 3300: Adv News Reporting (3 credits)
  • RVT 4320: Electronic News Gathering (3 credits)
  • RVT 4323: Long Format Storytelling (3 credits)
  • PUR 4106: Advertisement PR Writing (3 credits)

Graduate (Students take 3-6 credits)

  • MMC 5932: Special Topics (3 credits)
  • MMC 6412: Applied Media Communication Skills (3 credits)
  • MMC 6900 : Special Topics (3 credits)

Cost: $3,460.00
This includes: accommodations, breakfast, transportation to required site visits in Madrid, Cordoba and Seville; train ticket from Madrid to Seville, transportation to Seville hotel, facilities to hold class meetings, and welcome reception. The program cost also includes mandatory international health Insurance.

Questions? Email Prof. David J. Park: or Prof. Lilliam Martinez-Bustos:

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International Communication in Toulouse

Program Description

Dates: Summer A: 5/18 – 6/01/2019

The International Communication in Toulouse, France will explore intercultural and international communication patterns and practices in a multicultural city with a rich past of cultural integration and academic heritage. Students have the opportunity to fulfill Global Learning requirements, and University Core Curriculum course, as well as advance in their track in Communication, if applicable.

Courses and Credits:

• PUR 5406 Multicultural Communication
• COM 4930 Special topics (undergraduate)
• SPC 2606 Public Speaking (UCC-Arts)
• COM 3404 Non-Verbal Communication (UCC- Arts)
• COM 3461 Intercultural Communication (UCC-Social Science Group 2)
• SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking
• COM 3520 Designing Communication Strategies
• IDS 3336 – Artistic Expression

• MMC 5932 Special topics (graduate)

The program fee is $1872.00 and includes:
• Welcome Reception
• Accomodations in the University student housing
• 10 hours of French class with local instructor (not for credit)**
• Access to limited student services at Université Toulouse 1 Capitole
• Local Guide and coordinator

Questions? Email Professor Maria Marino or Dr. Maria Elena Villar

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Communication in Budapest and Transylvania


Program Description

Dates: Spring Break: March 8-16, 2019

Explore Budapest, the lively, friendly and exciting city rich in history and cultural achievement, with more than 2 million inhabitants. Budapest has much to offer students looking for a glimpse of Hungary’s history with this program examining international business communication and conflict resolution. The city has endured a number of recurring power struggles, but it always survives and continues to thrive despite those challenges. As Hungary’s capital, Budapest is the administrative, business, educational, and cultural center of the country. Students will also have the opportunity travel to Transylvania to engage in rural communities where traditional way of life remains. Students will encounter stunning castles such Bran, near Brasov, – a Gothic fairy-tale structure, often associated with 15th century Walachian Prince Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Courses & Credits: 
COM 4430 International Business Communication (Comm. Arts Track Course)
COM 4930 International Business Communication in Eastern Europe (Comm. Arts Track Course )
COM 4462 Conflict Resolution (required for all Comm. Arts majors)
COM 49430 Conflict Resolution in Eastern Europe (Comm. Arts Track Course)
MMC 5932 Special Topics- Conflict Resolution in Eastern Europe (GSC Elective)

Cost: $1970

What’s included:
-Flight to and from Europe
-Welcome Reception
-Local travel
-Travel from Budapest to Romania
-Several tours and excursions
-Local guide

Questions? Email Dr. Perez at

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