What Master’s Degree Should You Get If You Have a Bachelor’s in Journalism?

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What Master’s Degree Should You Get If You Have a Bachelor’s in Journalism?

Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree in Journalism, the next step is to determine whether or not you want to pursue a Master’s degree, or try your luck in the job market. Graduates who have chosen the latter often end up considering going back to school to earn their Master’s degree. Others have gone on to work rewarding careers. Whether you choose to do pursue a Master’s degree now, later, or not at all is ultimately up to you. Should you decide to go back to school, the real choice is deciding exactly what you want to study. 

Deciding What Master’s Program to Study 

With an undergraduate degree, you have the luxury of time when deciding which major you want to choose. It’s not so with a Masters program. A Masters program typically takes anywhere from 1-2 years to complete depending on the field of study and the university’s curriculum. So, you need to know exactly what it is you want to study because some Master’s degree are costly. The focus of study is much more intense. So ideally, the program ought to be about something you love to do. 

What Does this Mean for Journalism Majors? 

At first glance, it appears that the Master’s options for Journalism majors might be slim. While there are Master’s degrees in public affairs, Master’s of arts, and even business administration, Journalism majors may find that the Master’s degree in Journalism seems to be the most obvious way to go…until now!

Introducing FIU Masters in Global Strategic Communications 

Florida International University’s School of Journalism + Mass Communications offers creative students the opportunity to enroll in it’s Global Strategic Communications – Creative Track (GSC) Master’s program. 

Located in South Florida, Florida International University (FIU) is proud to announce this one-of-a-kind degree program that caters to students who want to explore their creative side. The GSC – Creative Track program will teach students how to apply their talents toward a profession of their choice. FIU realizes that this sort of program is needed now more than ever thanks to the rise and ever-present demand that social media has in the communications industry. 

There’s No Ignoring the Force and Influence of Social Media 

It used to be that businesses could avoid them. Now, they’re forced to comply and open a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account…and in order to keep fresh content on their website, they must blog. But they can’t just blog about anything. They have to be willing to give away some of their precious business secrets that will cause Internet browsers to be more engaged in their website’s content. We’ve also learned that there is a science to doing that as well, thanks to Google. 

Working the Science of Social Media 

Google has dominated the Internet, being the most popular search engine in the industry thus far. As a result, they have tons of data that ranks websites. Internet marketers have to tap in to these Google analytics, study them and then comprise a strategic plan to help their company rank higher in search results. FIU’s GSC – Creative Track degree program will train you how to do this by having students work with the Miami Ad School and Optimum7, an Internet marketing company based in Miami.

The GSC – Creative Track is a 39-credit program leading to a Master of Science in Mass Communication degree. This interdisciplinary program combines FIU’s Global Strategic Communication graduate curriculum in communication theory, research and strategy, with Miami Ad School’s advanced skills curriculum in Copywriting and Art Direction. The program’s overall objective is to train the best creative minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze a business issue and recommend the best creative marketing communication solution.

To learn more about this incredible Master’s program, contact the director, Grizelle De Los Reyes at 305-919-4023. You can also contact her online or directly by email today!

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