What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Global Strategic Communications?

//What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Global Strategic Communications?

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Global Strategic Communications?

The field of communications is so applicable to every other job industry. So while having a degree in Mass Communications can be leveraged in a variety of ways, it’s also wise to stay focused on what type of job within the industry, you’re targeting as you earn your degree. But you need to be enrolled in the right kind of master’s program to help guide you along the way. It’s safe to say that every job industry is looking for a candidate who is skilled in the area of communications, but if you want to increase your chances of landing a good job, then consider enrolling in Florida International University’s (FIU) Global Strategic Communications (GSC) – Creative Master’s Track.


What is the GSC Program – Creative Master’s Track?

The GSC-Creative Master’s Track is a hybrid of traditional classroom lectures and workshops taught under the guidance of accomplished professionals right on the Biscayne campus. Still, students will need to have a reliable form of transportation since they’ll be taking classes in two different campus locations. The in-class workshops consist of a professional digital marketing expert teaching students the importance of strategic marketing initiatives and what it takes to write an engaging blog to attract your target audience.

FIU graduates who have this degree will have more job opportunities available to them simply because they will have developed more real-life experience that employers are looking for. According to the PayScale 2017-2018 College Salary Report, “students who major in Communication…can pursue a fascinating range of top-earning positions in media, the arts, marketing, journalism, and many other industries.” Sometimes, students do not see the full potential of what a Master’s Degree in Global Strategic Communications can offer.


Top 10 High-Paying Jobs for Strategic Communication Majors According to PayScale:

These strategic communications major jobs are the leaders in their creative departments, chosen to show the potential of this degree and their commanding salary. Be aware that the path to achieving these positions and titles are not always straightforward. Though there are junior versions of these positions designed to directly train those with less experience to grow into a senior role, often times these positions are filled with those who bring multiple disciplines that are then adapted to fit the roles and responsibilities required.

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (average $116,000)
  2. User Experience Designer (average $90,697)
  3. Art Director (average $96,714)
  4. Corporate Communications Lead (average $70,481)
  5. Senior Copywriter (average $73,532)
  6. Brand Campaign Specialist (average $50,834)
  7. Senior Graphic Designer (average $,67325)
  8. Publication Editor (average $53,500)
  9. Script or Speech Writer (average $77,182)
  10. Creative Director (average $119,603)


What You Need to Land These Type of Jobs

As mentioned, all of these creative jobs are needed in most industries of the workforce. However, when it comes to majoring in Mass Communications, you need to be as focused as you can since the industres are so broad. Hone in on specific job titles and with those job titles, focus on a certain skill set. FIU GSC – Creative Master’s degree program is designed to give graduate students real-world experience with a specially crafted curriculum tailored for each person’s area of interest.

At FIU-GSC we also help you create a portfolio that is ready to show job prospects upon graduation. This gives employers an idea of your potential within the role. Any related experience is also very valuable for landing these types of jobs. Experience as a student can be gained from internships, mentorships, volunteering, and leadership at events on campus. In this type of degree, practicing the art of global strategic communication is much more valuable than your GPA in any of the classes. Get out there and gain valuable experience to give you the edge in landing one of these jobs in the future.

Some of the best entry-level positions for communications majors include:

  1. Associate Brand Manager
  2. Social Media Coordinator
  3. Editorial Assistant
  4. Marketing Coordinator
  5. Junior Graphic Designer
  6. Junior Copywriter
  7. Digital Media Specialist
  8. Freelance Writer
  9. Client-Communication Specialist
  10. Associate Producer

About GSC-Creative Master’s Degree Program

The Global Strategic Communications – Creative Master’s program is designed to instruct students about how to apply to branding, copywriting, social media, and management crisis toward their future jobs on a global perspective. It requires 30 credit hours of course study and is designed to prepare students to advance in the field of advertising and public relations. Within this focus, students can take tracks in either Management or Creative.

You can also complete an online Master of Science in Mass Communication with a focus in Global Strategic Communications, which provides students with the same classes and research opportunities as FIU’s campus-based MS in Mass Communication program. However, this program only allows students to pursue a concentration in Global Strategic Communications, without the options to specialize in either a Management or Creative track.

Core classes in this program cover topics in global strategic communication management, theories of mass communication, communication ethics, and research methods. After they complete the core curriculum, students of the Management track can choose electives in subjects such as integrated marketing, creative strategies for public relations, digital media management, and media planning. Students of the Creative track take classes at the FIU Biscayne campus as well as FIU’s Miami Ad School, and focus on creative advertising strategy, art, and copywriting. In today’s globalized and connected world, anyone who has a desire to work in a creative industry that will require them to communicate ideas visually and on local, regional, or national levels can take advantage of this masters program.


The Master’s Degree Program That Appeals to Your Creative Side

FIU is one of the 12 colleges and universities throughout Florida that offer a total of 21 master’s in communication programs. Many of these programs allow students to focus on a particular area of communication or communication studies. Ours combines global communication with strategic communication but focuses on the creative angle. FIU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

If you’re looking for a graduate degree program that will cater to your creative interest while still developing your professional skills in mass communications, then contact FIU’s Director of GSC Program – Creative Master’s Track, Grizelle De Los Reyes through the online form.


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