The Importance of Online Presence to a Creative Writer

The Importance of Online Presence to a Creative Writer


Creative writing is a skill that thrives on the presence of an audience. Over time, audiences have moved from; kids gathered around the fireplace in the evening listening to stories from their grandmothers, people gathered around a good storyteller listening to his/her stories. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, there is an audience present everywhere. The modern day writer is not needed to be physically present to tell his story. There are several social media tools that have sprung up in the recent past; the blogging sites, micro blogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. While it was advisable to have a presence in one of these a while ago, it has become somewhat mandatory for a writer to have an online presence to remain relevant to his/her followers.

For a blogging writer, their blogs will be their major form on online presence where they can share their pieces with the rest of the world. With the share buttons, their followers can share the pieces to their friends all over other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Online presence keeps a writer relevant to his/her followers.  Moreover, a good blog gives the writer a platform where potential clients or interested publishers can sample his/her work. This can also be a good marketing strategy. Blogging gives readers a glimpse of the skills the writer possesses while it keeps a writer active and relevant. The feedback received from blogging can be taken constructively to help a writer better their skills.

A writer can also strive to maintain their online presence through content marketing and content-creation. There are several marketing gurus who can aid in this. It is critically necessary that the content of a blog receives as much readership as possible. Proper SEO is required to attract a wide readership especially from search engines like Google. It is also very important for an author to belong to other writing circles that exist in the World Wide Web. A creative writer can make guest posts on other famous blogs to attract a wider audience to their work. Writers can have their work reviewed by other bloggers or in newspapers and magazines. Blog directories also come in handy.

With all this taken into consideration, it is prudent that a creative writer watch what they post. Content can go viral in a matter of seconds which can either build or destroy the reputation of a writer depending on the post. A writer should find a fine balance between their professional life and personal life on the internet. While social media encourages a lot of interaction with followers, it is important to draw a line. Sometimes information shared can be used to the writer’s detriment. Watch and manage what you post.

If a writer manages to stay afloat, stay fresh and keep their followers entertained through a vibrant social media presence, then it is possible that they will succeed. A big following means that when the writer publishes a book, there will be a large number of people ready to buy and market. Creative writing thrives on the presence of an audience. Technological advancements dictate that an online audience must be kept updated frequently.

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