//How to Start Your Career in Advertising Right After Graduation

How to Start Your Career in Advertising Right After Graduation

Landing your dream job in the competitive advertising industry requires the right education, a great portfolio and excellent interviewing skills. Advertising is an appealing career to many creatives who want to figure out a way to monetize their vision and skill set. Graduation is equal parts exciting and scary for many people. On the one hand, all of your options are open, and you can explore anything that interests you. On the other, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of landing on your feet with an advertising career immediately in a very competitive field.

Here are a few important things to remember.

1. Your Portfolio Can Not Be Too Perfect

If you’re working on applying for an advertising job, you should always consider your portfolio as a work in progress. This allows you to continue sharpening your skills and avoid becoming stagnant. For example, you can demonstrate versatility showing your edgier work next to traditional material. Another example is to showcase work that captures your ability to grasp a brand’s voice and tone through copy and visuals.

2. Make Use of All Your Connections

Through the program, you will get to know and network with numerous professors and instructors with industry experience. You will get to know your peers through group projects and attending classes together. You will even have had a chance to work on real-world learning exercises that will demonstrate your ability to collaborate in teams, revise and meet deadlines. Maximize these connections by staying in touch through social media, and letting them know you are searching for good career opportunities.

3. Do Your Research, then Do It Again

Finding your career means knowing as much as possible about job titles, and growth opportunities. Remember, you were interested in this career path for the creative opportunities available to you. Balancing the freedom of working with smaller agencies against the stability of larger companies is just one example of the many important calculations you will make as you search for careers. 

4. Learn How to Ask the Right Questions

Employers learn from the intelligent questions you ask and not just from the answers you give. Asking good questions signals that you did your research before the interview and your interest in their company. For example, asking “what are the attributes and skills that you feel will make a successful copywriter for this job” or “what has been the best art director you’ve ever hired and why” shows your heightened interest in being successful in that role.

Learn More About Setting Yourself Up for Advertising Career Success Right After Graduation

Florida International University has partnered with Miami Ad School to deliver an exceptional experience that has created generations of successful alumni in the world of advertising. Learn more about this program by sending an email to program director Grizelle De Los Reyes at gdelosre@fiu.edu or contacting us online.

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