How to Advance Your Career as a Copywriter in the Advertising Industry

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How to Advance Your Career as a Copywriter in the Advertising Industry

How to Advance Your Career as a Copywriter in the Advertising IndustryFIU in partnership with Miami Ad School (MAS) prepares innumerable students for success in the competitive and creative field of advertising. Employers have a profound need for copywriters who can write persuasive advertisements, blogs, social media posts and endless other material. FIU’s Global Strategic Communication program can teach you tested methods for developing a successful career as a copywriter. Our faculty has a wealth of real-world experience to share that will help give you the edge when writing ad copy, and applying for jobs.

Build an Impressive Writing Portfolio at Miami Ad School in Partnership with FIU

Most applicants to copywriting jobs will have a degree. They may even have one from a famous school. However, a degree plus a compelling portfolio of work is what really grabs an employer’s attention. FIU-MAS will offer you numerous opportunities to take creative risks and hone your writing skills to their best. Having a diverse body of work will provide clear proof of your ability to perform.

Learn to Write Content for All Mediums 

Blog posts have different rules from magazine advertisements. TV and radio scripts have a different set of writing rules from online videos. At FIU-MAS, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to thrive on multiple media platforms. Today’s advertising copywriters must be ready to write for radio, TV, YouTube ads, blog posts and anything else that comes their way.

Pay Attention to Ad Copy

Analyze the many ads you see every day. Where was it posted? When did you see it? Why did you read it, or want to ignore it? Advertising copy is on too many surfaces to list. You can learn about copywriting from sports drink bottles, Chipotle bags, and every billboard you pass. Make notes of what you like and what bores you. Let the best work be your inspiration. Borrow and modify ideas that grabbed your attention. This is a frequently overlooked opportunity for learning about advertising.

Network at FIU and Around Miami 

FIU is located in Miami, one of the best cities for media in the world. Miami Ad School is located in Wynwood, which is considered an urban hotbed of creativity. We attract a global community of students. As you socialize and study with them, you’ll make connections that will become invaluable as you develop your career. Beyond the beautiful campus, there are numerous beaches, restaurants and historical locations that make great places to build relationships. Networking is crucial to a successful copywriting career.

Learn More About Florida International University’s Creative Track Program

Visit Florida International University’s website to learn more about the Global Strategic Communication Creative Track Master’s Program. Contact Grizelle De Los Reyes, Director of the FIU-MAS Creative Track Program at or fill out the contact form for additional information.

About Global Strategic Communications Creative Track Master’s Degree Program

The Global Strategic Communication Creative Track is a 39-credit hour program leading to a Master of Science in Mass Communication degree. This interdisciplinary program combines Florida International University’s Global Strategic Communications graduate curriculum in communications theory, research, and strategy with Miami Ad School’s advanced skills curriculum in Copywriting and Art Direction.

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