//Creative Strategy Courses That Will Elevate Your Career in Advertising

Creative Strategy Courses That Will Elevate Your Career in Advertising

A well-rounded and hands-on education in advertising will help you on your path to the creative career of your dreams. One of the best ways to make sure you are ready for career success is to develop your skills with creative strategy courses that will prepare you for the unique challenges advertisers face. Let’s explore a number of these courses, and what they can bring to your portfolio.

1. Advertising Creative Strategy: How to Tackle Big Picture Projects

 Advertisers need communicate and connect effectively with people, regardless of language and cultural barriers. This course teaches how to develop compelling visuals matched with persuasive language in order to create memorable advertising campaigns.

2. Theories of Mass Communication: How to Communicate with the Public

 Immerse yourself with the most cutting edge theories of communication and how they are applied in the real world. These theories include interpersonal and mass communication, persuasion, diffusion and feedback, not to mention cognition, communication campaigns and varieties of social control.

3. Global Strategic Communications: Learn How to Connect Across Cultures

This course looks at the interactions of global markets and intercultural while offering advanced studies, evaluation, and application of cultural knowledge, theories, stakeholders, and trends in media, advertising and public relations. Students will also analyze the legal, ethical and political dimensions of social communications around the globe.

4. Trends in Graphic Design: Develop Visual Literacy and an Eye for Graphics

Graphic design surrounds us. It’s everywhere from the billboards we drive past to the images and icons in our smartphones. You will learn how to tap into the powerful theories of graphic design to create memorable and eye-catching advertisements.

5. Product Creation: Understand the Evolving Role of Ad Agencies

The role of an ad agency continues to evolve as media itself takes on new, more immersive forms all the time. Leaders in the ad agency don’t just deliver advertisements, they often come up with new product ideas, and help with developing them as well. This course will give advertising students a primer on the process.

6. Short & Sweet: the Key to Writing Despite Space Constraints

This course will teach you some of the core principles of writing headlines, banners, tag lines, Twitter posts, and all forms of communication that require you to deliver a short and sweet message that packs a punch.

7. Script Writing (Radio, TV, Web): Develop Skills Across Mediums

Writing scripts for multiple media platforms is a crucial part of any advertising copywriter’s role. You’ll learn about the particular considerations to account for when you are switching from radio to TV to web scripts, not to mention how to develop persuasive narratives that will help your work stand out in a world that gets louder all the time.

Creative Strategy Courses for Professional Copywriters

Copywriting is a career where professional development will give you a surprising return on investment. With these skills reflected in your portfolio, you will be able to command more salary and take on bigger responsibilities in the job descriptions you pursue. Ultimately, as a professional creating a strategy for your career path is the first lesson in utilizing creative strategy.


What topics Creative Strategy Courses should include

From Freelancer, Senior Copywriter, or Art Director, your ongoing education will improve the creativity in your copywriting processes and your understanding of how copywriting fits into an integrated marketing strategy. To understand strategy in context, course topics should discuss:

  • Advertising and Marketing Strategy
  • Branding Identity and Image
  • Graphic Design and Website Architecture

Besides knowing the big picture, you also want different strategies to use for the skills you will need to not just write effectively, but also to manage others and yourself.

  • Project management
  • Business Communications


What courses are available on these topics and are any free?

All-day intensive seminars that cover the basics are available but with Creative Strategy, the value is in the doing. Courses from accredited sources will provide a solid foundation in copywriting techniques for real-world use as part of a creative strategy. When deciding where to spend your valuable time and money, screen the course objectives for the following criteria:

  • Creative thinking for innovation and conceiving “big ideas” for advertising.
  • Teaches different creative theory and practice.
  • How to select a consumer product and level its strategic market positioning.
  • Explains what it means to have target audiences and demographics.
  • Different media platforms and outlets for your writing.
  • Essential creative guidelines.

Copywriting is not simply writing articles for content creation, especially website copy. If your copy cannot stand-alone and sell, then it was a waste of your client or agency’s budget. Therefore, your copywriter salary is determined by your ability to sell. Combine this with an understanding of creativity strategy and you’ll be spinning gold as a wordsmith. Here are some options of free courses and others that you will let you have a free trial with little to start.


Free courses – build your creative strategy with these essential tools.


Skill Building Websites – a variety of the skills you need, all in one place.


Paid Courses – work remotely and learn creative copywriting.


Creative Strategy Courses – stand-alone professional development



Consider a Master’s in Global Strategic Communication at FIU

It is important to note that you will not find a one-strategy fits all solution even if you find that promised online. In fact, a creative strategy implies in the name that it will always be adapted to the circumstance. If you’re a professional who has yet to get their master’s degree, the Creative Track of the GSC at FIU can get you to that next level. By the end, with new skills at your command you will inevitably make you more highly skilled, effective copywrite with updated perspectives on:

  • Your career path and objectives with experience related to the above topics.
  • Your portfolio with your best, most diverse content including visuals if possible.
  • Your creative strategy objectives, to determine the strategy for your copywriting career.


Contact Grizelle De Los Reyes, Director of the FIU-MAS Creative Track Program by filling out our contact form to learn more.


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