What is the Global Strategic Communications Program at FIU?

Global Strategic Communications – Creative Track. The title alone says a lot and the curriculum offered by Florida International University (FIU) offers that and more.  In this digital age where everything is conducted online, it is an absolute must to be up to date with the latest communication technologies. However, knowing that they exist isn’t [...]

Best Master’s Program for Creative Professionals in South Florida

There are many students who have a passion to pursue their creative side professionally. Doing that might be more risky than trying your luck making it as an A-list actor! Yet, it’s just one of those things that you won’t ever know if it’s going to work unless you try.  Taking a Chance on Doing [...]

Reasons to Get Your Master’s in Global Strategic Communications

Many large corporations already understand the important role that communication technology plays in making their business run efficiently. It used to be that only large conglomerates needed to concern themselves with global communications. Thanks to the Internet, even small businesses can sell products and/or services overseas. As a result, the eCommerce business is stronger than [...]

How Does the GSC Creative Program Taught by FIU and Miami Ad School Work?

Florida International University (FIU) is quite pleased with our Global Strategic Communications-Creative (GSCC) Master’s degree program simply because it’s unlike any other in the South Florida area, or dare we say even the country? This special master’s program combines an accredited curriculum that’s geared toward teaching students how to strategically address global, national, and local [...]

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Why You Should Focus On a Creative Instagram Marketing Campaign

By: David Nunez-Ariza The internet has gone mobile and with it the age of advertising. Whether it’s through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, or any one of the countless smartphone applications users access on a daily basis. Social media marketing campaigns have become the best way for brands to reach out to users and interact [...]

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