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How to Build an Advertising Art Director Portfolio

If you are an aspiring art director then you know just how important it is to have a killer portfolio. Your portfolio serves a significant purpose because it allows employers to see your skills, originality, and helps them determine if you are a good fit for their company. It also helps you land the job [...]

A Guide for What Careers You Can Get with a Masters Degree in Strategic Communications

Strategic Communication is not marketing, public relations, business, advertising, journalism, psychology, sociology, or even social communication. Strategic Communication selects, leads, integrates, coordinates, activates and executes the fundamentals of these disciplines and uses them creatively. Simply put, Strategic Communications means ‘infusing communications efforts with an agenda and master plan’ and is considered the integration between strategy [...]

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Can’t Find an Advertising Job? Get Noticed by Improving Your Online Presence

The job market is a tough one these days. Competition is at an all-time high and the creative fields are experiencing something of a renaissance as they offer a plethora of advantages and align more closely with the trends of what society values in life. One of the keys to snagging a coveted career in [...]

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Senior Copywriter Career Path: a Roadmap to Success

The path to Senior Copywriter can be straightforward or have some winding roads. If you wish to be a Senior Copywriter, a unique brew of creative writing, time management skills, industry knowledge, and a great portfolio need to work together to prove you can keep up with the demands of the job. Done well, it [...]

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How to Start Your Career in Advertising Right After Graduation

Landing your dream job in the competitive advertising industry requires the right education, a great portfolio and excellent interviewing skills. Advertising is an appealing career to many creatives who want to figure out a way to monetize their vision and skill set. Graduation is equal parts exciting and scary for many people. On the one [...]

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2 Creative Degree Paths That Can Land You a High Paying Job

Finding a high paying job can be challenging for creative people, but advertising offers a reliable path towards that goal. Advertisers have the challenge of balancing practical business concerns with creative visions. For people who love to write or work with visual art, advertising offers numerous opportunities. A master’s degree in mass communications such as [...]

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Advertising Art Director Job Description and Requirements

Art directors control the look and feel of advertisements across multiple mediums ranging from TV and radio to print and digital. Essentially, you have to be able to make sure that your material is going to deliver an excellent first impression with its visuals from color choice to composition and copy. As an art director, [...]

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Copywriter Job Requirements in the Digital Age

The digital revolution has created upheaval in almost every industry, but it has also changed the nature of copywriting. Copywriting for advertising is an attractive career option for creative types who love to write and want to find a future with this talent. However, the digital age has added an entirely new set of rules [...]

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Creating an Advertising Copywriter Portfolio: the Ultimate Guide

Creating a portfolio that will impress an agency looking to hire a new copywriter is a challenging task. Aspiring copywriters frequently run into the same types of problems. They have nothing published. They submit work to publications only to see it rejected. They aren’t sure which pieces to include and why. Believe it or not, [...]

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Can a Masters in Advertising Really Advance Your Career?

Career advancement does not always happen in a linear way. Factors like education, connections and being open-minded to a possibility at the right time can make all the difference when someone is making a decision about who they want to hire and why. Let’s talk about some of the tangible (and intangible) benefits of a [...]

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