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Can a Masters in Advertising Really Advance Your Career?

Career advancement does not always happen in a linear way. Factors like education, connections and being open-minded to a possibility at the right time can make all the difference when someone is making a decision about who they want to hire and why. Let’s talk about some of the tangible (and intangible) benefits of a [...]

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Which Graduate Programs Can Advance Your Career in Advertising?

Advertising is a field that is nothing like law, medicine, science, or education because the path to success is far less linear and more varied. Advertising is an attractive career for writers, graphic designers, and other creative types. This is because advertising offers decent pay for creative work. It also tends to be more stable [...]

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Jobs You Can Get With a Master’s in Global Strategic Communications

Florida International University (FIU) in partnership with Miami Ad School (MAS) gives students the opportunity to earn Master’s Degrees with practical employment options after graduation. Our Global Strategic Communications (GSC) track has placed students in award-winning careers that have helped build an incredible reputation for our alumni and school. Depending on the focus of their [...]

Which Masters Degree is Tailored for Creatives in Advertising

  Florida International University has partnered with Miami Ad School to offer students the chance to earn a master’s degree that will prepare them for a successful creative career in advertising. Our Global Strategic Communications program is tailored to students who dream of becoming copywriters, art directors, or other advertising creatives. Numerous programs teach students [...]

How to Advance Your Career as a Copywriter in the Advertising Industry

FIU in partnership with Miami Ad School (MAS) prepares innumerable students for success in the competitive and creative field of advertising. Employers have a profound need for copywriters who can write persuasive advertisements, blogs, social media posts and endless other material. FIU’s Global Strategic Communication program can teach you tested methods for developing a successful [...]

The Degree Path to Become a Leading Creative in Advertising

  Becoming a leading creative in advertising means mastering a creative skillset, and knowing the role it plays in branding and business. It means being able to communicate an artistic vision to both a client, and a creative team. It doesn’t happen if you don’t have an impressive portfolio of engaging work that showcases talent [...]

Art Director Masters Degree From a World Renowned Ad School

Art direction is a key part of advertising. Many creative types who dream of a career in this role overestimate the amount of instinct required, and underestimate how many practical skills are necessary. This is good news for people who are doubting themselves and believe that artistic vision “can’t be learned.” Art direction is certainly [...]

What Makes FIU’s Master in Communications Program Unique

When you are considering different communications programs, it is important to think about your following career path before even applying. If you have always dreamed of being a copywriter or art director for a top advertising agency, FIU’s Master’s of Science in Mass Communication may be right for you. When school searching, you are faced [...]

Why You Need a Creative Graduate Program That Gives Hands-On Experience

Hands-on experience can be the deciding factor when a head copywriter or senior art director at a major ad agency is comparing the resumes of multiple applicants. The creative fields do not operate like engineering, medicine, and law. The qualifications and talents are less standardized, more subjective, and therefore more difficult to measure. Hiring professionals [...]

Getting a Master’s Degree From the Award-winning Miami Ad School

Location is incredibly important if you’re harboring a dream of media work. Florida International University has partnered with Miami Ad School to bring you a program that can help you develop your talents in an urban, creative environment. The FIU-MAS program is proud to have produced students with a great reputation in the advertising world. [...]

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