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Content Brief Template for a Digital Marketing Strategy

Using the right content brief template is key to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is effective and productive. These are the benefits of using a well-structured template: Lines up with big picture brand goals Drives your audience to a valuable action for the client Maintains the brand voice your client wants to deliver Here’s [...]

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Art Director Salary With and Without a Graduate Degree

Many creative people endeavor to become art directors at advertising agencies. This role lets them use their talent for “big picture” thinking, and play with a number of mediums including: Copy online and in print Fonts/Graphics for multiple outlets Photography and Video production Content campaigns But did you know that having a graduate degree could [...]

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What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Global Strategic Communications?

The field of communications is so applicable to every other job industry. So while having a degree in Mass Communications can be leveraged in a variety of ways, it’s also wise to stay focused on what type of job within the industry, you’re targeting as you earn your degree. But you need to be enrolled [...]

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A Guide for What Careers You Can Get with a Masters Degree in Strategic Communications

Strategic Communication is not marketing, public relations, business, advertising, journalism, psychology, sociology, or even social communication. Strategic Communication selects, leads, integrates, coordinates, activates and executes the fundamentals of these disciplines and uses them creatively. Simply put, Strategic Communications means ‘infusing communications efforts with an agenda and master plan’ and is considered the integration between strategy [...]

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Advertising Job Titles: Hierarchy and Salaries

Advertising is a type of marketing communication used to promote or sell something e.g. goods, services, or ideas and even individuals or companies usually in the form of branding. The process to create and promote is layered and multi-faceted so a number of different jobs to fit the needs have sprung up to accommodate the [...]

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How to Become an Art Director

There are many creative people out there who struggle to find a career path that fulfills them while earning a good salary. One such path is working in art direction for an advertising agency. While it is becoming more lucrative with the importance of digital advertising, marketing, and content creation, art direction is a demanding [...]

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Analytical Thinking vs Creative Thinking

At times, advertising seems like a divided field in regards to the type of professionals it employs. Even on the side of advertising creativity, you have the art directors and copywriters whose effectiveness is contingent upon coming up with concepts that are thought provoking and unique, and on other side, the account planners who rely [...]

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Can’t Find an Advertising Job? Get Noticed by Improving Your Online Presence

The job market is a tough one these days. Competition is at an all-time high and the creative fields are experiencing something of a renaissance as they offer a plethora of advantages and align more closely with the trends of what society values in life. One of the keys to snagging a coveted career in [...]

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Creative Strategy Courses That Will Elevate Your Career in Advertising

A well-rounded and hands-on education in advertising will help you on your path to the creative career of your dreams. One of the best ways to make sure you are ready for career success is to develop your skills with creative strategy courses that will prepare you for the unique challenges advertisers face. Let’s explore [...]

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Senior Copywriter Career Path: a Roadmap to Success

The path to Senior Copywriter can be straightforward or have some winding roads. If you wish to be a Senior Copywriter, a unique brew of creative writing, time management skills, industry knowledge, and a great portfolio need to work together to prove you can keep up with the demands of the job. Done well, it [...]

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