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True about Creatives and Account Planners

All I knew about Creatives before Miami Ad School was from the movie and book 99 Francs written by Frédéric Beigbeder. Watch Trailer here: This is a French novel  follows Octave, a successful Art Director that appears to have it all. Not only is his job going well, but he has surrounded himself with expensive material [...]

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Reviving A Pop Culture Icon Of A Bygone Era – The Classic Volkswagen Transporter

Reviving A Pop Culture Icon Of A Bygone Era - The Volkswagen Classic Transporter The classic Volkswagen Transporter is a van most millennials wished they drove today; this is seen in the numerous blog posts and pin boards across social media. Although Volkswagen has stopped production, it is one of the most cherished vehicles in [...]

Reebok Pumps: The Brand Revival, An Art Director’s Perspective

My team and I have been developed a brand revival of a shoe that was forgotten. After doing much nostalgic, childhood soul-searching, we decided to revive the Reebok Pump. In the early 90's, the height of the Pump's success, Reebok was mainly targeting athletes and promoting the shoes through the popular athletes of that time. We decided [...]

Masters Vs. Portfolio School? Try Masters + Portfolio School!

Are you choosing between Masters and Portfolio School? No need! This is the program I chose: Part of the program is offered at the Miami Ad School (MAS), a prominent creative advertising school on Miami Beach. Students will study the Global Strategic Communications (GSC) - Creative Track. Why? 1. Creativity + Strategy 2. Master's Degree vs. Average Creativity 3. Ability to [...]

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The Portfolio You Need to Get Hired

If you are preparing to submit your portfolio for the 1st time, this blog post is for you. I submitted my first portfolio a year ago while applying for the greenhouse internship at Ogilvy& Mather in Paris. I love France and decided it would be nice to spend summer there instead living in the Miami heat. That was a challenge, [...]

Don’t Believe the Lie; It’s Not All About Agencies

Isn't the whole purpose of putting yourself through endless hours of sleepless nights, heartless ridicule and cut throat Creative competition to be able to work for all the majorly massive and non-corporate like agencies where they let you chill in PJ's while munching on Cheetos and bumpin' Rick Ross in your Beats head phones for Creative inspiration?

Job Outlook After Graduating from the Joint Master of Science degree in Mass Communication, Creative Track from FIU and Miami Ad School

 The Master of Science degree in Mass Communication, Creative Track joint program at FIU and Miami Ad School is designed for advertising creative professionals whose goals are to work in advertising agencies, corporations, government entities, non-profit agencies, and other firms that need effective creative solutions. Let’s examine the intended outcomes of this program to determine [...]

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5 Companies That You Should Know, Copywriters!

Copywriters Today Oh copywriters; we can be the rockstars of a campaign or just a tool to fill letters. We treasure the remainings of the Golden Era of advertising, portrayed by fictional characters such as Don Draper from MadMen. Ah, the time when the copywriter job was the stepping stone to becoming a Creative Director. Once a [...]

Top 10 struggles of creating your portfolio

Building your creative book is an everlasting task. Advertising is on constant change, and your book needs to be updated constantly. These are some of the problems you may encounter when making your first book. 1- Checking spelling mistakes. This would come as a no brainer, but it is key to check everything is perfectly [...]

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