Advertising Job Titles: Hierarchy and Salaries

//Advertising Job Titles: Hierarchy and Salaries

Advertising Job Titles: Hierarchy and Salaries

Advertising is a type of marketing communication used to promote or sell something e.g. goods, services, or ideas and even individuals or companies usually in the form of branding. The process to create and promote is layered and multi-faceted so a number of different jobs to fit the needs have sprung up to accommodate the industry as a whole. The resulting job titles and description have become very specific depending on the responsibilities and although familiarity with advertising, branding, and marketing has become more commonplace, what is not familiar is the hierarchy or salaries of these careers. While many careers to suit people’s innate talents exist in this field, the FIU Global Strategic Communication Creative Track under the Master of Science in Mass Communication focuses on the more creative pursuits and will be listed here.

Overall, advertising jobs are in high demand with a huge demand for skilled professionals. Be aware that what was traditionally thought of as ‘advertising’ roles are now also falling under the umbrellas of data-collecting firms like Google and Facebook who also have these job titles but using digital medium and strategies. Below is a well-customized group of job positions for a better explanation of the hierarchy of advertising jobs.


Creative Advertising Career Hierarchy and Salaries

Salary and position titles can vary greatly by location, industry and company. Therefore, it would be a safe assumption that these salaries can differ by up to $10,000 depending on these factors as well as experience, negotiation, plus undisclosed nonmonetary rewards, benefits, or perks. Also, a dollar amount does not necessarily indicate a certain skill level; it can simply be the entry position and salary for that career path.


Senior Management

  • Creative Director, $168,592
  • Associate Creative Directors, $118,651
  • Senior Art Director, $95,998
  • Chief Editors, $75,500
  • Senior Production Artists, $67,000
  • Senior Copywriter, $80,209



  • Production Artists, $55,173
  • Advertising Specialist, $51,478
  • Digital Designer, $57,349
  • Advertising Client Strategist, $66,660
  • Advertising Campaign Manager, $61,161
  • Brand Manager, $57,000


Junior Associates

  • Advertising Assistant, $32,314
  • Assistant Media Planner, $44,899
  • Graphic Designer, $46,900
  • Junior Copywriter, $48,858
  • Junior Designer, $42,126
  • Studio Tech, $43,747


*Median salaries as of January 2019


Types of Advertising

 You should also be aware that these titles could be for different purposes of advertising, which make them no less important or needed but could affect salaries and job responsibilities as well. Examine the two main types of advertising and be honest about where you see yourself.


  • Commercial – Commercial Advertising are selling products or services. These advertisements showcase goods and services’ features appropriate to the media channel. Examples include digital and visual media outlets such as television, magazine, and online banners.


  • Non-commercial – Non-Commercial Adverting spends money to advertise items anything other than consumer products or services. Think of political parties, special interest groups, religious and governmental organizations.



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