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A truly one-of-a-kind program, FIU’s Global Strategic Communications (GSC) creative track is an accelerated master’s program in partnership with the Miami Ad School’s curriculum of Copywriting and Art Direction. The program’s overall objective is to train the best creative minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze a business issue and recommend the best creative marketing communications solution. This program is designed for students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution and want to develop their creative skills through the pursuit of a graduate degree jointly awarded by top-ranked academic institution and a highly awarded and recognized creative school.

Students are required to complete 39 hours taking 7 courses at FIU and 6 courses at the Miami Ad School, for a total of 13 courses at 3 credits each including and culminating in a professional project. New students are accepted for Fall or Spring start and courses are offered each semester at both campuses.

To ensure that students are able to apply the course work, academic research and creative skills within the field, the program culminates in a Professional Project during the final semester. Graduates students enrolled develop a professional project on a campaign-type creative project submitted to the graduate committee as a requirement for graduation. Click here for sample syllabus.

Program Description:

Florida International University is offering a unique opportunity for creative professionals to obtain a Master of Science – creative track in conjunction with world renowned, Miami Ad School. This is a 39 semester credit, lock-step program that is completed in five consecutive academic semesters, including one summer, leading to a Master of Science degree in Mass Communication with a specialty in creativity. The specific track of this program is the Global Strategic Communications (GSC) – Creative Track.

Is this program for you?

Students in this unique and exciting program are creative scholars who already have a four-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution and who want to further develop a more complete understanding of the theoretical, strategic and research elements in the industry of advertising. This program is also for the passionate creative individual who wants to take their creative skills to the next level through exposure to top creative professionals and instructors teaching the latest trends in the industry.

A few key points to keep in mind:

o Interested candidates MUST apply to BOTH schools individually. Two applications are required: One for FIU and one for Miami Ad School.

o This is a 39-semester credit, lock-step program that is completed in five consecutive semesters including summers.

o Students take seven courses at the FIU’s Biscayne Bay campus and six courses at MAS South Beach:

  • FIU Biscayne Bay Campus – 3000 NE 151 Street, North Miami, Florida
  • MAS – 571 NW 28th Street Miami, Florida 33127

o Since students will have to take courses in two campuses, it is strongly recommended to have access to a car for ease of transportation.

o Students are strongly advised and recommended not to work while pursuing the program. The program is demanding and requires time and effort. There is no flexible-curriculum available as all the courses are pre-selected for the student. Please be advised that the school enrolls and selects the schedules for the students by cohorts. Students do not have the option to change schedules.

If you are an international student, this is important:

Important information for international applicants: This program does not consider applicants coming with 3-year college degrees. Only full 4-year Bachelor’s degree earned and awarded will be considered. No exceptions. If you are a student from India, Russia, Romania and South Africa this will most likely be an issue when applying. If your degree does not meet this requirement, your application will be denied automatically.

Who qualifies and what else do you need to know?

There are no conditional admissions options for GSC-Creative track applicants. The decisions are made individually and are not granted to international applicants due to the visa regulations and the implications of the conditional status rules.

GPA’s below the 3.00 range will not be considered due to our program’s very competitive and limited nature. We evaluate GPA’s based on the last 60 credits taken by the applicant on their bachelor’s degree. We do not count the first 60 credits of the bachelor’s degree, only the last 60.

No assistantships are offered for this program. All students must cover tuition in its entirety.

We accept students for Fall and Spring admissions.

Click here to download a “List of Courses” PDF

Click here to download a “Course Schedule by Semester” PDF

Click on the PDFs to view the course descriptions that are taught as part of the lock-step curriculum of the GSC Creative track. For the Creative track courses taught at FIU, the course content is adjusted accordingly to teach creative track FIU – MAS students, specifically art directors and copywriters, with emphasis in advertising but covering mass communications in general.

Seven (7) Courses taken at FIU:

  • MMC 6402 -Theories Mass Communication
  • ADV 6805c – Creative Strategy
  • MMC 5306 – Global Strategic Communications
  • MMC 6213- Law & Ethics in Mass Communication
  • MMC 5440 – Research Strategy
  • VIC 5205 – Trends Graph/Design
  • MMC 6950 – Mass Com Professional Project

Six (6) Courses taken at MAS show on the transcript as ADV 6503 and PUR 6935. A full list of these courses is included:

  • ADV 6503 Advanced Creativity – Skills
  • PUR 6935 – Advanced Seminar – Skills
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