//2 Creative Degree Paths That Can Land You a High Paying Job

2 Creative Degree Paths That Can Land You a High Paying Job

Finding a high paying job can be challenging for creative people, but advertising offers a reliable path towards that goal. Advertisers have the challenge of balancing practical business concerns with creative visions. For people who love to write or work with visual art, advertising offers numerous opportunities. A master’s degree in mass communications such as the one offered at Florida International University, may be the boost you need to pursue your career goals. FIU’s School of Communication + Journalism has a rich history of award-winning faculty, including top-notch media professionals and Fulbright scholars.  Here are two degree paths that can land you a high paying job.

1.Global Strategic Communications: Management Track

The Global Strategic Communications curriculum prepares students to deal with a volatile global market, offering an international view of all forms of communication. This track covers topics including reputation management, branding, social media, and how to take a data driven approach to marketing. Students will also learn about crisis communication, professional ethics, and more. The management track prepares students to offer leadership in the rapidly shifting, dynamic stage of mass communication. You can choose between studying on-campus, or completely online.

2.Global Strategic Communications: Creative Track

FIU’s Global Strategic Communications creative track is an accelerated master’s program in partnership with Miami Ad Schools copywriting and art direction curriculum. The main goal of the program is to prepare the future top creative minds with the skills and knowledge they will need to assess a business issue and produce an excellent creative marketing solution. Students who study in this program will attend both Florida International University and Miami Ad School.

Take Advantage of an Incredible Alumni Network All over the Advertising World

 When you enroll in the unique creative masters track formed by the partnership between Florida International University and the award-winning Miami Ad School, you join a network of alumni that has impressed advertising agencies all over the world. You’ll share a bond with people who can help you find a high-paying job that will let you express your creativity and grow as an advertiser.

Draw Inspiration from a Bright, Bustling Art District

When you study here, you’ll be situated to take full advantage of the bright and colorful Wynwood Art District of Miami. Drenched in warm sun, this neighborhood is filled with indoor and outdoor art galleries and festivals that represent the cutting edge of visual design and creative conceptualization. This is the perfect place to find inspiration for your next project whether you are a photographer, writer, graphic designer, or art director.

Learn More About How an Advertising Career Can Land You a High Paying Job

FIU-MAS gives you an opportunity to earn a degree from a program that has earned a reputation as one of the best advertising schools in the world. Our students have ample opportunity to develop their portfolios with hands-on learning projects while working with instructors who know the advertising industry inside and out after decades of experience. To learn more about applying to the program and the multitude of career opportunities after graduation, contact us online to where you can browse through information about courses, or email program director Grizelle De Los Reyes at gdelosre@fiu.edu.

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