The Department of Communication at FIU offers more than 70 undergraduate and graduate courses focused on providing skills and aptitudes to succeed in today’s expanding world of media, including web-based, interactive and digital communications — through broad and highly technical and field-specialized content that evolves as rapidly as the media. Our teachings blend traditional best practices and ethical foundations with relevant skills and hands-on experiences needed to produce global communicators and media revolutionaries in the 21st century.

Upon graduation, students are equipped with a diverse portfolio of professional work and the confidence to compete for any number of jobs ranging from editors, reporters, photojournalists, researchers to copywriters, publicists, communication specialists, lobbyists, video bloggers and more at public, private and non-profit organizations around the world.

The undergraduate program offers a Bachelor of Science with specialization in:

PRAAC (Public Relations Advertising and Applied Communications) Effective Fall 2017

The new PRAAC degree allows students to create more of their own degree program, allowing them to take courses from both Public Relations and Advertising as well as other types of communication (public speaking, communication studies, and digital media). It is different from the current tracks in Advertising and Public Relations in that it focuses more clearly and specifically on the skills and topics related to Public Relations, Advertising and related communication fields. Students are given more freedom to build their own skill set while still ensuring that the core skills and knowledge are still a part of the program.

This degree explores a number of disciplines needed for developing and delivering effective content. Through analyzing communication campaigns in corporate and public media, students can develop and promote creative strategies and creative execution, and employ effective and clear communication in this diverse and customizable program.

As a student, you will learn to develop critical thinking and strategic communication in both a local and global landscape. After graduation, you can find exciting opportunities in career fields such as content creation, communications specialists, public relations specialists, and much more.



Bachelor of Science  in Mass Communication with specialization in:

Advertising (No longer admitting new students as of Fall 2017)

Promote and create the ideas, the brands that live in the industry of global persuasive communications. Discover and develop skills in the art of persuasion through the formulation of creative strategies (account planning and account management) or through creative execution (art direction and copywriting).



Public Relations (No longer admitting new students as of Fall 2017)

Design the public images and help shape an organization’s goals and communicate its mission and goals to its various publics. Discover the intricacies of communication campaigns in corporate and public media.