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Minors in Advertising and Public Relations

A minor is an arrangement of courses designed to provide the student with basic knowledge and expertise in a specific field of study. To be able to pursue a minor, a student must be fully admitted into any major outside of their declared major. To declare a minor within the Department of Communication, students must contact their advisors. The following minors are not available to Advertising and/or Public Relations majors.

Minor in Advertising (18 Credits)

Discover and develop skills in the art of persuasion through account management or creative execution. This minor is for students who are currently pursuing a major outside of the School of Communication + Journalism and will give you additional knowledge to enhance your major.

Download Form: Advertising minor program requirement

Minor in Public Relations (18 Credits)

Learn how to help shape an organization’s image, and communicate its mission and goals to stakeholders. This minor is for students who are currently pursuing a major outside of the School of Communication + Journalism and will give you additional knowledge to enhance your major.

Download Form: Public Relations minor program requirement


Minors in Communication Arts

Communication skills are essential in virtually every academic discipline and professional career. Enhance the value of your academic degree and prepare for professional success with a communication minor. From gaining an understanding of interpersonal communication dynamics to understanding how to communicate through a crisis, you have a host of options for a minor that matters. The following minors are not available to Communication Arts majors.

Minor in Communication Studies (15 Credits)

A minor in Communication Studies enables students to complement their degree major with strong interpersonal skills, the ability to work in teams and groups, and a thorough understanding of the impact of culture on communication. Verbal and written communication skills are among the top skills employers want in job candidates and effective communicators experience the highest levels of success in every career path.

The Communication Studies minor addresses the ways in which people communicate in relationships and in public discourse. Through theory and application, the minor includes the study of the ways in which such processes relate to cultural, gender and rhetorical issues.

Download Form: Communication Studies minor program requirement

Minor in Rhetorical Communication (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

Students who minor in Rhetorical Communication develop an understanding of persuasive techniques in debates and public presentations, how oral arguments/rhetoric is formed, and its influence on human behavior. Students consider the classical foundations of the study of rhetoric and have the opportunity to critically and carefully evaluate persuasive messages/speeches from a variety of perspectives. Emphasis is on becoming more critical consumers and effective, ethical producers of communication in its oral form.

Download Form: Rhetorical Communication minor program requirement

Minor in Business Communication (15 Credits)

Develop a high level of competency in written, oral, and visual communication, skills which are increasingly recognized as vital to success in business. The minor develops students’ communication professionalism through theoretical and workshop courses emphasizing creative, workable solutions to challenging communication problems.

The minor promotes the practical use of communication skills in a wide variety of managerial tasks in both profit and non-profit organizations. Key skills taught include facilitating teamwork, managing conflict, interviewing effectively, writing professional business documents, building employee morale, leading teams, speaking and shaping a company’s image.

Download Form: Business Communication minor program requirement

Minor in Executive Communication (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

Minor in Executive Communication From Steve Jobs to Donald Trump, you’ve probably heard news stories about executives leading effectively, or ineffectively. Students with this minor will feel more confident in their ability to lead and inspire others around them, in a multitude of personal and occupational settings. Students will gain familiarity with; advanced public speaking skills, specific strategies for leadership roles, situational application of theoretical concepts, as well as the dynamic field of conflict resolution. Executive Communication graduates are highly desirable because they are well-rounded communicators who are not afraid to take on leadership roles.

Download Form: Executive Communication minor program requirement

Minor in Interpersonal Communication (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

From parents to siblings, friends to coworkers, significant others to neighbors, there is no escaping interpersonal communication. This minor will help students hone their communication skills in a wide variety of settings. Beginning with a broad, general introduction to the field, students will be guided through more specific topics such as gender, international relations, and family dynamics. Each of these areas will allow students to strengthen their numerous interpersonal relationships. This minor emphasizes critical thinking and analysis, which can be applied in a number of other disciplines as well.

Download Form: Interpersonal Communication minor program requirement

Minor in Organizational Communication (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

This Organizational Communication minor combines elements of corporate structure and effective leadership to help students succeed in the job market upon graduation. These courses will allow students to learn critical organizational concepts and theories that could be applied in occupational settings of any size. The managerial/leadership aspect of these courses will develop the student into a more competent communicator over the course of the program. Gaining a strong sense of self-confidence, students graduating with this minor will surely stand out as the job market continues to become more competitive.

Download Form: Organizational Communication minor program requirement

Minor in International Communication (15 Credits)

The International Communication Minor will help students develop an understanding of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural issues involved in international communication. Since different nations are associated with different languages and cultures, international communication is inseparable from intercultural communication. This minor will explore issues involved in interaction between speakers from different backgrounds and will equip them with conceptual tools to explore those issues.

Download Form: International Communication minor program requirement

Minor in Communication Ethics and Legal Profession (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

The minor includes courses examining rhetorical tradition, analytical courses designed to improve students’ critical skills, persuasion theory so as to understand how an argument is built, debate/argumentation/public speaking to perfect oral communication skills and develop an appreciation for ethical communication.

Download Form: Communication Ethics minor program requirement

Minor in Political Communication (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

If you can’t wait to see the next round of political ads, love to discuss the State of the Union speech, think you could eventually handle the media better than the current press secretary or simply want to improve the quality of political dialogue, then political communication is the minor for you.  Public speaking, debate and persuasion are the core elements of this degree.  Political communication skills are highly desirable, whether you want to be a campaign manager, political consultant, speechwriter, or work on public diplomacy.

Download Form: Political Communication minor program requirement

Minor in Communication Leadership and Conflict Management (15 Credits) Discontinued Fall 2017

The Communication Leadership and Conflict Management minor is centered on exploring the central role that communication plays in successful leadership. Students will 1) develop self-awareness of how communication styles influence relationships and perceptions; 2) experientially and theoretically examine values that underlie leadership communication, (including honesty, kindness, humility, trust and authenticity) and 3) examine how groups/teams are formed and how members work towards resolving issues and how influence is gained and sustained through communication. This minor is designed to help students understand why good leaders need to have strong communication and conflict resolution skills to be successful.

Download Form: Communication Leadership minor program requirement