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Discover the Department of Communication

Why choose the Department of Communication?

Limitless Innovation

The Department of Communication brings together 24 faculty members, five academic advisors, and 10 staff members whose main priority is student success.  We are fortunate to have a diverse mix of communication scholars and practitioners all of whom contribute to the energy and productivity of the department.  We invite students to get to know their professors through student organizations, research collaborations, and discussing career opportunities or  graduate studies.

Our department  offers three degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with specializations in Public Relations and Advertising; a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts with tracks in Organizational Communication, Art and Performance Studies, or Design Studies; and a Master of Science in Global Strategic Communication.  The B.A. in Organizational Communication and the M.S. in Strategic Global Communication are available fully online, and we expect to have a fully online option of the Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Advertising in Fall 2017.

Choose from between three majors.

The Department of Communication offers five different paths to achieving your Bachelor of Science in Communications with specializations in Advertising or Public Relations and one path to achieving you Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts.  Each track features a different route toward your diploma, resulting in different skill sets and professional training.

Learn from world-class faculty.

Our prestigious faculty come from a variety of backgrounds.

Benefit from a truly diverse student body.

Our location in South Florida means that our student body is composed of a truly diverse array of people, ranging from locals to international students. Recognized as having one of the highest concentrations of Hispanic students, the Department of Communication will introduce you to a mosaic of cultures and nationalities.

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