Adjunct Resources: General Guidelines2019-01-16T15:58:53+00:00

Adjunct Resources: General Guidelines

  • You MUST use your email address.
  • Be proactive with your students in sending them messages and checking Canvas at least ONCE a day.
  • Your activity in your courses will be monitored, so be sure to be active!
  • Various courses have different structures and assignments in them. Please read the entirety of your syllabus before the course and ask us any questions beforehand. Also be sure to read all documents in your courses!
  • A professor must meet every scheduled class and should meet it for the entire scheduled time. On those rare occasions when professional obligations, an emergency, or illness require that you miss a class, notify your chair in advance, and make provisions for covering your class (in advance) if at all possible.
  • Attendance at an adjunct orientation is a must.
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