Syllabi, Course Schedules, & Track Sheets


Students who are late or absent on the first day of class may be dropped from high demand courses at the instructor’s discretion. The instructor, in this case, will automatically issue an administrative drop.

NOTE: Students must register for and complete a diagnostic grammar exam prior to signing up for MMC 3104C-Writing Strategies (Advertising and Public Relations only). The exam is generally administered at scheduled periods throughout the semester. Visit the Grammar Exam link for more information.

Communication Arts 

COM 3110 Ng COM 3110 Marino COM 3120 Perez
COM 3404 Kashian COM 3404 Marino COM 3461 Bilge
COM 3461 Brown COM 3230 Marino COM 3135 Perez
COM 3471 Perez COM 4462 Bilge COM 4430 Ng
COM 4462 Perez COM 4462 Webb COM 4510 Delgado
COM 4620 Delgado COM 4930 Blaeuer COM 4900 Delgado
COM 4940 Marino COM 3150 Suris COM 3404 De Los Reyes
IDS 3336 Blaeuer IDS 3336 Marino SPC 3210 Brown
SPC 4445 Delgado SPC 3711 Desrayaud SPC 3230 Hardy
SPC 3540 Hardy SPC 3301 Hardy SPC 3210 Kashian
SPC 3230   Marino SPC 2608 Kurland SPC 3230 Villar
SPC 3301 Ng SPC 4445 Perez SPC 3602 Perez
SPC 3301 Webb


Advertising and Public Relations

ADV 3200 Hybrid Berman ADV 4711 Berman MMC 4410 Holtzman
MMC 4410 Jaross MMC 4609 Segev MMC 4945 Farber
MMC 5306 Segev MMC 6402 Segev MMC 6412 Ottolenghi
PUR 3000 Farber PUR 4100 Farber PUR 4100 Ottolenghi
PUR 4106 Farber PUR 4106 Ottolenghi

The undergraduate program offers a Bachelors of Science degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in Public Relations and Applied Communications, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication Arts.

PRAAC (Public Relations Advertising and Applied Communications) Effective Fall 2017

The new PRAAC degree allows students to create more of their own degree program, allowing them to take courses from both Public Relations and Advertising as well as other types of communication (public speaking, communication studies, and digital media). It is different from the current tracks in Advertising and Public Relations in that it focuses more clearly and specifically on the skills and topics related to Public Relations, Advertising and related communication fields. Students are given more freedom to build their own skill set while still ensuring that the core skills and knowledge are still a part of the program.


Advertising No new students will be admitted to this program after Summer 2017. Current FIU students officially declared in the major can complete their degree or move to the new PRAAC degree program.

Promote and create the ideas, the brands that live in the industry of global persuasive communications. Discover and develop skills in the art of persuasion through the formulation of creative strategies (account planning and account management) or through creative execution (art direction and copywriting).


Public Relations No new students will be admitted to this program after Summer 2017. Current FIU students officially declared in the major can complete their degree or move to the new PRAAC degree program.

Design the public images and help shape an organization’s goals and communicate its mission and goals to its various publics. Discover the intricacies of communication campaigns in corporate and public media.


Communication Arts

In today’s global environment, effective communication skills have a significant impact on career success.  The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts is an in-demand major for those interested in pursuing careers as directors of communication in business, government, non-profit organizations or the arts.

Organizational Communication Tracksheet

Art & Performance Tracksheet

Design Studies Tracksheet



Graduate Programs:

Global Strategic Communications

Global Strategic Communications: Creative Track 

Global Strategic Communications: Online 

4 +1 Degree Program
Master of Science in Communication- Global Strategic Communication

Designed for current FIU students in all majors who want to get a head start on their Graduate degree while completing their Bachelor’s degree. Students interested in learning if the 4 +1 program is right for them should reach out to the SCJ for more information. Students already majoring in one of the other tracks in Communication or Communication Arts should contact their current advisor to see if this is a good option for them. Current FIU students who are not in any of the current Communication or Communication Arts tracks Arts should contact the Advising Office to schedule an appointment: 305/919-5235 or 305/348-1255.