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SCJ offers a free practice online Language Skills Test. This practice exam was developed by SCJ faculty, and it includes practice quizzes in the same format as the test and covers essential language skills topics. We highly suggest students take the practice quizzes and the 100-question practice exam in order to prepare for the test.

This is NOT an easy test. It is our experience that students who do not study vigorously for it do not pass it.

We recommend review of the following grammar areas:

  1. parts of speech
  2. subject-verb agreement
  3. verb types
  4. clauses and phrases
  5. sentence types
  6. punctuation
  7. word usage

Practice Exam (MMC 3104P) – How to Use Words to Be a Better Writer

We have upgraded the sign-up process for the “MMC 3104P – How to Use Words to Be a Better Writer.”

To register into the Moodle course containing the practice exam, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Login using your MyAccounts login information
  3. Click on “Journalism and Mass Comm”
    It is located on the left side, under the menu “Non-Academic Courses”
  4. Select: MMC 3104P
  5. Enter the enrollment key.

Enrollment Key: sjmcpractice

For additional help with the username or password, contact UTS support at 305-348-2284.

Grammar Workshop – MMC 3021

The School of Communication + Journalism has developed an innovative language skills program designed to sharpen students’ grammar and writing abilities. The Grammar Workshop provides a much-needed pre-writing program for those who need a stronger introduction to language skills.

We highly recommend that students take MMC 3021 Grammar Workshop before taking the Language Skills Test. If students achieve the required passing score (70 and writing sample), they can go directly into MMC 3104C. If they fail to achieve the appropriate score, they can retake MMC 3021.

The Grammar Workshop is also for students who took the Language Skills Test but did not demonstrate the requisite proficiency of grammar. Those students may enroll in MMC 3021 Grammar Workshop. Once students successfully complete MMC 3021, which includes passing the Language Skills Test with a minimum of 70 and passing the writing sample, they can proceed to MMC 3104C.

All FIU students are welcome in the workshop: those from disciplines outside SCJ and students with ESL issues.

Grammar Slammer

This three-hour tutorial reviews the essential grammar elements including punctuation, subject-verb agreement, AP style and more, in preparation for the Language Skills Test. The session is taught by full-time SCJ faculty members who are well versed in all grammar elements and styles and familiar with the exam format. Grammar Slammers are typically offered two to three times a semester. The Grammar Slammer is $25 per three-hour session, and it is open to all FIU students. Payments must be made in advance using the online payment form and submitted through the Cashier’s Office. Admission to the Grammar Slammer requires receipt of payment.