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Language Skills Test

Language Skills Test

The Language Skills Test is only offered on the Biscayne Bay Campus. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and a writing sample. Students must receive a score of 70 or better to pass the multiple-choice part. Once the student receives the requisite score, he or she will then be asked to complete a writing sample of approximately 300-400 words on an assigned topic. The writing sample will be reviewed for syntax, spelling, punctuation and clarity of thought. Not passing the writing sample portion will negatively affect the overall result of the Language Skill Test attempt. Students who achieve the required score on the Language Skills Test and the writing sample will then have access to enroll in MMC 3104C: Writing Strategies. Students will be allowed one attempt of the Language Skills Test outside of MMC 3021: Grammar Workshop course. 


  • Students who do not pass the LST will not be allowed to enroll in MMC3014C: Writing Strategies.  For those who wish to attempt the LST again, the only option is to take the MMC 3021:Grammar Workshop class, either online or in-person.  The Language Skill Test is given as the final exam in this class.
  • To pass the Grammar Workshop class, students must pass the class, and the Language Skills Test (minimum score of 70, and the writing sample portion). Once passed, the student will then have access to enroll in MMC 3104C: Writing Strategies.
  • Those who do not earn a passing grade in MMC 3021: Grammar Workshop must take the Grammar Workshop class again before having another attempt at the Language Skill Test. We recommend that you speak to your adviser in Student Services to discuss your goals before doing so. Questions?  Call SCJ Student Services: (305) 919-5625
  • Questions?  Call SCJ Student Services: (305) 919-5625.