Graduate Degrees

A truly one-of-a-kind program, FIU’s Global Strategic Communications (GSC) creative track is an accelerated master’s program in partnership with the Miami Ad School’s curriculum of Copy-Writing and Art Direction. The program’s overall objective is to train the best creative minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze a business issue and recommend the best creative marketing communications solution. This program is designed for students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution and want to develop their creative skills through the pursuit of a graduate degree jointly awarded by top-ranked academic institution and a highly awarded and recognized creative school.

Students are required to complete 36 hours taking 7 courses at FIU and 5 courses at the Miami Ad School, for a total of 12 courses at 3 credits each including and culminating in a professional project. New students are accepted for Fall or Spring start and courses are offered each semester at both campuses.

To ensure that students are able to apply the course work, academic research and creative skills within the field, the program culminates in a Professional Project during the final semester. Graduates students enrolled develop a professional project on a campaign-type creative project submitted to the graduate committee as a requirement for graduation. For more information about the Professional Project and its requirements, please refer to our “Professional Project Guidelines and Checklist.”

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