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The graduate program offers a Master of Science degree in Global Strategic Communications with specializations in:

Global Strategic Communications

This program gives students a global perspective in strategic communications to help them prepare for advancement in advertising, public relations, and integrated communications careers. The management track provides knowledge and understanding for addressing global, national, and local audiences and communication issues. Its curriculum reflects the evolving global climate, with international and global elements in branding, copywriting, social media, management, crisis, among others. Each track culminates with a professional project.

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Global Strategic Communications – Creative

The Global Strategic Communication Program creative track is a 39-credit program leading to a Master of Science in Mass Communication degree. This interdisplinary program combines FIU’s Global Strategic Communication graduate curriculum in communication theory, research and strategy, with Miami Ad School’s advanced skills curriculum in Copywriting and Art Direction.

The program’s overall objective is to train the best creative minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze a business issue and recommend the best creative marketing communication solution. Ideal applicants must have completed a 4-year Bachelor degree from an accredited academic institution and want to further develop their creative skills. When you successfully complete the program, you will graduate with a Master of Science degree in Mass Communication granted by a top-ranked academic institution and a portfolio, real-world experience and huge network of industry contacts through a highly awarded and recognized creative school. Keep in mind that you need to apply to FIU and Miami Ad School with two separate applications.

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Global Strategic Communications – Online

Advance your communications career in the international marketplace with FIU’s fully online Mass Communication: Global Strategic Communications (GSC) Track master’s program. The GSC track prepares graduates to be globally-minded and socially responsible communication leaders and innovators at the highest levels of corporate, government and non-profit organizations. Our professionally focused master’s program can be completed in one year, preparing students for expanded opportunities in advertising, public relations and integrated communications, while enhancing performance in their current communication roles.

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