Communication Studio

From planning to delivery, we help with all stages of the presentation process.

The art of communicating with impact and style requires preparation, practice and polish.  The Communication Studio is an invaluable resource for members of the FIU family including students, faculty, staff and alumni. Whether you are preparing for a class, conference, interview, debate, sales call, oral brief or a performance, a communication coordinator from the Communication Studio can help.

Does the thought of speaking in public terrify you? Do you know how to put together an effective and memorable PowerPoint or Prezi presentation? Are you preparing for an interview for the perfect internship or job? Do you have to give a toast at your cousin’s wedding reception?

There is a place on campus where you can get professional coaching to improve your public speaking, presentation and interview skills.

The Communication Studio is staffed with experienced speech instructors eager to assist you with improving body language, speaking more confidently, organizing ideas, reducing anxiety, improving eye contact, and incorporating visual aids to create dynamic and focused presentations.



For questions, please contact or 305-348-0069

Located in VH 230 (MMC) | HL 155 (BBC)


Making an appointment

Sessions vary by appointment. Immediately following your session, you will be asked to fill out a brief evaluation form.  Appointments are held for five minutes, at which time they are cancelled and given to walk-in appointments.

Please read carefully to determine how long you should schedule an appointment for.

  • 15 minutes – for brief introductory visits of the Studio so you can learn about our services and how you can use the Studio.
  • 15 minutes – for individual speeches of 3-5 minutes only.  If your speech is longer than 5 minutes you must schedule a longer appointment time.
  • 30 minutes – the standard appointment time for individual students to present and receive feedback on a speech that is no longer than 15 minutes.
  • 45 minutes – for individual speeches longer than 15 minutes.
  • 45 minutes – for small groups of 2-4 individuals doing a group presentation or for individuals who need more time to plan or prepare a presentation, or to get assistance with developing a Powerpoint or Prezi slide or multimedia presentations.
  • 60 minutes – for large groups of 5-8 individuals or for major presentations.

Once you have determined how long your appointment should be follow the following instructions to schedule your appointment:

  1. Click on “Make an Appointment”
  2. First time users must register.  Click on the link which reads “First visit? Click here to register.
  3.  After filling out the registration form, log in.
  5. Once logged in you will see the current week’s schedule. Choose the day of the week you would like to make your appointment and hen choose an available time.  Available times are shown in WHITE.
  6. Click on the white block to schedule an appointment.  A new window will pop open with an appointment form.  Fill in ALL of the required information and click “Save Appointment”.

Note: If you are an online student, be sure to click “YES” for video submission.  You will receive instructions via email on how to submit your video presentation.

If you are doing a group presentation be sure to click “YES” for group presentation, include ALL the names of every group member, and select whether a LARGE group or SMALL group in the Appointment Focus drop down.

  1. After making an appointment, you will receive an email confirming the appointment.
  2. If you cannot make your appointment, you must cancel ahead of time.  If you fail to show up for an appointment that you have not cancelled, you will receive an email notifying you that you have missed your appointment and your name will be flagged in the system.  If you miss three appointments, you will be blocked and will not be allowed to schedule an appointment unless you meet with the director.


What We Do

Members of the FIU family (including students, faculty, staff and alumni) are provided individual or group feedback on presentations for any communication event.  Whether you need help brainstorming, drafting an outline for your speech, perfecting your delivery or preparing dynamic visual support using PowerPoint or Prezi, we can help. Typical communication events include:

  • Informative or persuasive speeches
  • Product or sales presentations
  • Group presentations
  • Interviews
  • Elevator speeches
  • Special occasion speeches
  • Thesis or defense presentations
  • Conference or panel presentations

Whether you are giving a one-minute self-introduction or delivering a formal speech, the only way to look and sound confident and poised is to prepare, practice, and polish your speech.  The Communication Studio offers:

  • Practice and performance space;
  • Professional coaching and feedback;
  • Presentation tools and software;
  • State-of-the-art video recording and playback equipment;
  • Performance tools and training (microphone, clicker, podium, projector, screen and laser use);
  • Teleprompter equipment and software.

What We Don’t Do

We do not grade presentations/speeches. Only your instructor can determine how well your presentation satisfies the assignment guidelines.

We do not write outlines or speeches.  However, we can provide you with direction to help you develop the content of your presentation, to hone your rhetorical message and to improve your delivery skills.

We do not recommend you come in to get feedback the day before your presentation. Feedback sessions work better when students have ample time to make the improvements recommended by the coach in the feedback session.


Don’t need coaching?  Just want to practice your speech?  You can do just that in our fully-equipped Practice Studio.


Practice Studio

The Practice Studio is available on a first-come first-served basis.  No need to make an appointment.  In the Practice Studio students can set up their Powerpoints or Prezi presentations to be projected on to the wall-mounted 53” monitor.  There is also internet connection if your presentation is saved to your email or you need to access it through a website, you’re good to go.

The room is also equipped with an HD camera allowing students the ability to record their presentations for upload to a website, flash drive or for personal reviewing.  There is a podium, as well as a presentation clicker, and if you need to practice with a microphone, we can provide that for you as well.

The Practice Studio is completely dummy proof with wall mounted instructions on how to use everything in case one of the coordinators is unavailable to help you.


Kathleen Watson Lending Library

Kathleen Watson started at FIU in 1998 as an adjunct faculty member. Soon after, she joined the faculty permanently as an instructor, and she was a very proud founding faculty member in the Department of Speech Communication. She taught large sections of communication courses and had thousands of students who kept in touch with her long after their coursework had ended. She was also active in faculty governance in the College and was well-known throughout the University. Kathleen was instrumental in developing the business communication curriculum in the department and was a highly sought after expert on nonverbal communication.

On December 21st we lost our dear colleague and she will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. As a small gesture the Communication Studio has dedicated our lending library in her name.  Many of the books in the lending library collection belonged to Dr. Watson of which her loving husband graciously donated to us.  We have books ranging from non-verbal communication to putting together powerful visual media for a presentation.  We want to encourage everyone from the FIU family to visit our lending library.  Students majoring in the Department of Communication or involved with Debate will be able to check out materials for two week intervals.

If you have a book or books you would like to donate to our lending library please stop by the Studio and drop it off.



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